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Ti Clara House

Ti Clara house is a project that goes beyond its physical limits. In addition to the practicalities inherent to the architectural project, imperceptible questions such as the history of its inhabitants were also considered; - memories, dreams and desires are represented in objects that have been kept for generations. These have been incorporated into the new space. In the context of the popular architecture of the region, the project approach was to recreate a functional, material and technical scenario that would respond to the client´s living requirements.

The distribution of spaces is therefore very clear and rational. The domestic scale was fundamental in order to bring a humanist and sensorial character of a farm house. Construction techniques and material choices derive from this goal of keeping the "Truth" in architecture. Traditional and local materials are treated with rigor and care expressed in a contemporary manner.

All the furniture was designed according to the needs of each space. This work was complemented with some existing furniture that have been carefully restored. It gave to the new living spaces a more intense, comfortable and welcoming experience.

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